Welcome Contributors!

A Cause for Adventure seeks stories from passionate travelers who have combined their international/domestic adventures with community service in the places they have visited.  I’m most interested in collecting stories of short-term projects ranging from several days to a month.  We hope to illustrate that people don’t have to take a long sabbatical to do some good in the world.  Contributors should be travelers by nature–people who love to travel for the sake of travel and have chosen to volunteer to enhance their experience as well as to give something back.

I’m aware that not all volunteer experiences are created equal, and it is often hard to know if one can make a real contribution in a short period of time, or whether the money and time you contribute is going to good use. As a result, I’m looking for unbiased accounts of your experience to share with others. I may later ask your permission to condense the information into a tighter article for which you would get credit.

When writing about your experience, you might use the following questions as a rough guide. If not, trash them and tell me your experience from the heart. And thank you!

1. How did  you find out about the the project?

2. Was it organized or did you arrange it on your own?

3. Was your experience more about the travel or more about the volunteer experience?

4. Did you meet your travel goals? Your volunteer goals?

5. Did you feel as though you made a real contribution?

6. Give me an anecdote or two about the trip or the volunteer experience that captures its uniqueness, whether it was a good, bad or mixed experience.

7. Photos and video!

For more information, write Laurie at lauriewinfield@hotmail.com.